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The Lawn Guys are a full service landscape company servicing both commercial and residential properties, designed to take care of all your seasonal landscaping needs. 'One Call Does It

We are privately owned company overseeing and performing all projects without outsourcing.  This allows us to guarantee a certain standard of the highest quality.

Our Mission Statement

The Lawn Guys appreciate the importance of a well-groomed property. It takes a dedicated professional with the right attitude to keep your property looking its very best. There are no short cuts when it comes to these type of projects. The Lawn Guys will provide you with Professional Property Maintenance. We guarantee it.

We Mow Your Lawn and Lanscape

The Lawn Guys mow weekly from March through October, then 'as needed' throughout the rest of the year. We mow
at recommended mowing height of 2" and 2.5" in the summer months which has been found to provide the healthiest, greenest lawn.

Our state-of-the-art power edgers are used to create a crisp edge along walks and beds. We blow off all concrete walks to ensure a well groomed yard.

We Fertilize Your Lawn and Maintain

Our slow-release fertilizer is granular and ensures a healthy, vibrant green grass. Our fertilizer program is available exclusively to our mowing customers.

We use granulated fertilizer because unlike liquid fertilizer, our granular fertilizer provides your lawn with all the nutrients necessary to maximize lawn health and color. We follow Massachusetts State University recommendations for all fertilizer applications. Regular fertilizer treatment every 6-8 weeks will keep your lawn healthy and green. We apply lime early each spring to adjust the soil ph balance. Weeds are treated in the spring and fall of each year.

We Prune Your Trees, Shrubs and Plants

The Lawn Guys take the very best care of your plants which are pruned or trimmed in accordance with the standards of high-quality horticultural practices, landscape design integrity and enhancing property appearance.

Plants are pruned and trimmed to avoid contact with building structures avoid overlapping sidewalks. Pruning and trimming can be done in spring or fall (or both). Trees above 10' should be pruned by others.

We Design and Maintain Your Ornamental Beds

The Lawn Guys take pride in the detail and precision executed when raking bed areas, removing weeds and debris, cutting back perennials and removing annuals each fall.

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